August 15 1947, the day after centuries of slavery became independent. Before we were slaves to the British. Many of the growing Indian atrocities were stricken and then the flame of revolt erupted and the lives of the heroes of the country bet tablets gap and eventually took the liberty to find the rest. The day our country became independent, so it is called Independence Day.

British victims of atrocities and inhuman practices unite the people of India were determined to get rid of it. Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad spread the revolution and sacrificed their lives. Then Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Gandhi, Nehru truth, non-violence and fought without weapons. The Satyagraha movement, sticks, ate, went to jail several times and forced the British to leave our country. August 15, 1947 the day for us, "Swarnimayh day from 1947 until today we celebrate with great enthusiasm and happiness are gone. The day schools, government offices and hoisted the national flag, the national anthem and all these great men, who have given tribute to the martyrs for freedom efforts. Sweets are distributed.

In our capital, our prime minister hoist the national flag at the Red Fort. The festival is celebrated with great pomp and splendor. Is a tribute to all the martyrs. Prime Minister give a message to the nation. Several meetings and programs are held. Day made​​. We, our country became independent Ga.is day's historical significance. I miss the day to pay tribute to those martyrs who head tilts on its own sacrificed their lives in sacrifice for freedom. So that is our sacred duty to protect our freedom. Country in the world to be lighted, do so. Become a seeker, not a barrier to the progress of the country.

Ingestion, hoarding, black marketing Finish the country. Neither of freedom as citizens of India and not to others themselves to abuse. Be the spirit of unity and separation, to avoid internal strife.

Independence Day is of great importance to us. Is to further the good work we do and the country.
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Qurabani karte waqt dhyan me rakhne wali chand ahem batien (Sarcasm)

Qurbani karte waqt sab se zaroori baat ye hai ke KALEJI bhoonj kar khud nosh karen aur pas pados ke logo ko  bhi uska maza chakhne ka mauqa de. Lekin dhyan rahe is kam ko anjam dene me zyada waqt na lagne de. is se murad janwar zubah hote hi Kasai se kahen "bhayya pehle KALEEJI nikalde baqi tai aaram se katat rahe". nashta kar lene ke baad tamam gosht ke bade bade tukde ko dhoke acchi si saf jagha par rakhe or boti banane ki jagah ko saf kare. taake Kasai aasani se boti bana sake. Is baat ka khas khayal rahe ke Kasai kunde ko chichde se acchi se saf kar lewe nahi to sab botiyon me lakdi lag jati hai. Boti banna shure hone ke bad aap pehle aangan ko acchi se saf karen, Safai karte waqt alaat(dhebre)se glazat ko bahar na aane de aur sambhal kar phekne wale ko kahe. Uthane wale ko sirf dus (10) rupya hi de iske baad chamde wale ko zyada kimat par chamda beche ya phir koi madrase me de de.
Safayi ho jane ke baad boti banne wali jagah par jayen aur dekhe boti kaise bana rahe hai agar badi badi boti bana rahe ho to unse kahe boti theek se banaye or chichda wagaira saf kar ke boti banaye. Dhyan rahe ke KEEME ka sab lothda nikalne ko kahen sath sath sari CHANP bhi banane ko bolen Haan ek baat to reh hi gayee, Kasai ko ek se do baar zaroor chai pani ke liye pucche. Boti bante bante ghar ke kisi fard ko kahen ke PAYA garam karle to KHUR bhi sath me nikalwa loon.

Boti puri hone ke baad sare ghosht ko alag karen maslan GURDA,DIL BHEJA,ZUBAN,CHARBI, or NALLYAN alag karke ek bartan me rakhe phir thode gosht ka fauran KEEMA karle, ghar me kahen ke is ki TIKYA banaye. Phir baqi bache gosht ko uski sahi jaga tak pahochane me lag jaye ke:
                                  1. kitna khana hai aur kaise?
                                  2. kitna takseem karna hai aur kaise?
                                  3. kitna Freezer me rakhna hai aur kaise?
                                  4. Kitna ubalna hai aur kitna sukhana hai?
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Famous areas of malegaon

  1.  Kusumba road 
  2. Old bus stand
  3. New bus stand
  4. Juna agra road
  5.  Rafi ahmad qidwai road
  6. Mohammad ali road
  7. Bada bazar
  8. Machli bazar
  9. Apna super market
  10. Bunkar bazar 
  11. Tamba kanta
  12. Anjuman chawok
  13. Bhikku chawok
  14. Badi eid gah
  15. Bhangar bazar
  16. Khadda jin
  17. Bada qabrastan
  18. Azad nagar
  19. Chandan puri gate
  20. Lashkar
  21. Satana naka
  22. Moti bag naka
  23. Mausam pull
  24. Ambedkar pull
  25. Allama iqbal pull
  26. Aman chawok
  27. Qilla (fort)
  28. Saraf bazar
  29. Mamledar galli
  30. Tipu sultan chawok
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An Overview of Malegaon City

Malegaon is located at National Highway No 3 i.e. Mumbai Agra Road. It comes under Nashik District. The nearest Railway Station is Manmand Junction. Neighboring cities include Manmad, Dhule, Chales Gaon etc. It is very near to Famous Shirdi (Shirdi Sai Nagar ). It comes under Pune university zone. All the colleges are affiliated to Pune University. 

Malegaon was once a small junction known as 'Maliwadi' (hamlet of gardens) and quickly gained the reputation for being a source of employment. When Naro Shankar Raje Bahadur a local Zamindar started building a fort in the area in 1740, a project that took 20 years, a sizeable number of Muslim workers and artisans from places like Surat and northern India settled in the area. After the British capture of the Malegaon fort in 1818, Muslims from Hyderabad migrated to the region. In 1857 revolt many Momins from the north India located themselves here, and the pattern kept repeating itself over the years. Malegaon, with its growing Muslim presence, became something of a shelter and a source of employment for the community whenever it faced reversals.

Some Important Information about the City:
Population: Around above 550000.
Economical Condition: Poor
Religions: Islam, Hindu, Christian.
Industry: Power loom industry, textile mills, handloom, cotton silk & goods, gray cloth manufacturing, colored cloth manufacturing.
Websites on Malegaon: apnamalegaon.in, moramalegaon.com, imalegaon.com, malegaonbazaar.com, mh41.com
Rivers: Girna Nadi, Mausam Nadi.
Source of water: Girna Dam, Chankapur Dam.

Famous Mosque (Masjid) : Masjid-e-Ayesha Mansoora, Noorani Masjid, Jamea Masjid.
Famous Madrasa: Jamea Muhammadiya Mansoora, Madrasa Mahad e Millat, Jamiyatu s Salehaat.
Famous Temple: Shunny mandir
Famous Hospital: Civil Hospital, Faran Hospital, Medicare Hospital, Noor Hospital, SWAT Hospital.
Famous College: M.S.G College, J.A.T College, Muhammadiya Tibbiya College, Sardar B.Ed College, College of Engineering Mansoora
Famous School: The Malegaon High School, A.T.T. High School, J.A.T High School.
Famous Roads: Quidwai Road, Mohammed Ali Road, Kusumba Road, Camp Road, Old Agra Road.
Bridge (Pull): Ambedkar Bridge, Sandwa Bridge, Allama Iqbal Bridge

Municipal Administration:

Malegaon is a D Category municipal corporation under The Bombay Province Municipal Corporation Act, 1949 set up in 2001. It is divided into 8 zones and 72 wards. The civil administration is headed by Municipal Commissioner assisted by two deputies and one Assistant Municipal Commissioner.

According to 2001 census the total population of Malegaon is 409403 persons (male- 208864; female- 200539). 114- Malegaon Assembly Constituency is predominantly an urban area with a "D" category Municipal Corporation under Bombay Province Municipal Corporation Act, 1949. The assembly constituency is situated in the Municipal Corporation area which is having an area of 12.95 sq.kms. and divided 8 zones and 72 wards.

Population Record:
            Year                                 Population             Annual Rate of Growth %

              1951                              55022                                 -------
              1961                              121408                                120.65
              1971                              191847                                58.02
              1981                              245883                                28.16
              1991                              342595                                39.33
              2001                              409403                                19.50
             2008 (projection)          550000 approx                     -------

Muslim community resides predominantly in the 114- Malegaon Assembly Constituency. Population density is very high in the city area. Malegaon is having 38 registered and 94 non- registered slum areas. About 40% of the total population is living in the slum areas. The main demographic features of the constituency are given bellow in the table.

Population (mid year projected in 2008)
Population density (per sq. km.)

Total literacy rate (2001)         64.93% (265862)
Male literacy rate (2001)         69.29% (144726)
Female literacy rate (2001)     60.40% (121136)
Couple protection rate:           62.30%
Doctor population ratio:          2  :  2000
Teacher Population ration:      3  :  1000

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What's your take in this financial crisis?

down fall of textile market in malegaon

The down fall of international trade market, down fall of Indian Currency and other many reasons have collectively affected our every city of our country. Be it manufacturing sector or service industry everyone is facing a lots of problems. People are closing down their business because of this down fall. There are so many factors that are causing such situations. But ultimately we civilians have to bear these things. We are the public and we have to be the victim, this is our fate. 

Now talking specifically about Malegaon, the city well known for Power Loom. We are habitual to such crisis. Because we invite them ourselves. There is a basic rule in economics of demand Vs supply. The demand of anything increases if the supply is less and vice-verse. If we will increase the manufacturing and give abundant supply definitely demand will go down. We should now think and do something innovative. We need people not just to manufacture such raw cloths but produce some good quality material. 

Politics always plays a major role in the economic condition of any country. As we know, we are near to elections 2014, we are seeing such crisis. This simply implies that there have been a major role of politics behind this crisis. Let me be very frank, we can not do much about it. But at least we can show these politicians in next assembly elections that now we understand your politics. We are not children, we are Grownups!!!

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This information is shared by Sana Ansari of Malegaon who is doing her internship at Nair College Mumbai.
This article is to give information about the course of Physiotherapy which students can opt as career. In Malegaon we usually see people going for MBBS, BUMS, Engineering etc and people who could not get admission to such courses go for BSc BA etc. But paramedical courses are mostly untouched.


It is an upcoming profession in healthcare. Essentially, the syllabus is  vast and teaches you to treat patients  without drugs, and since there are no adverse effects on the body through  this treatment, most patients are  more than willing to opt for it. DO you know that today there are only around 5,000 qualified physiotherapists in India? Yet, it is estimated that one physiotherapist is required for every 10,000 people, and the demand for trained professionals is only growing with time. Physiotherapy is a science that helps improve movement dysfunction, and promote functions of the human body and optimal health.This involves  assessment, diagnosis and treatment of disease and disability through physical means. 

 A physiotherapist’s life-

Physiotherapists help patients rehabilitate from a state of incapacity due to genetic defect or the result of an accident or illness. Hence, you must have thorough knowledge of the human anatomy and the intricacies of bones, muscles and nerves. “You need to build up a rapport with patients and communicate with their relatives, too,” Hence, excellent interpersonal skills including being empathetic, having patience and being able to understand people, is a must. Of course, manual dexterity and physical stamina to work for long hours is part of the terrain. You will also need to work closely with doctors and hence,  being organised, working systematically and following the doctors’ instructions, is a must.

The course helps students develop a basic understanding of the human body, based on medical sciences.Training comprises understanding procedures for therapy and related skill training. The curriculum includes anatomy, physiology, pathology,pharmacology, psychology, medical and surgical conditions, biomechanics, kineseology, disability prevention, rehabilitation and other subjects. “Course is a combination of theory and practicals. The physiotherapy course is one of the toughest in healthcare, so be prepared for rigorous study of theory along with equally rigorous practical applications. But, remember that struggle is still less since there are less qualified people in the field. The rise is much faster in this sector.

I would say Orthopedics, Sports,Neurosciences Cardiopulmonary, ICU and pediatrics. But, you must  remember that all the branches are growing. Technology advances so fast, there is a lot of scope no matter what specialization you choose. Full of surprises, you will be left wondering what next!

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The Internet Bandwagon in Malegaon

I can see so many websites coming up for Malegaon every next day. I came across few of these websites and realized that there are some people who have understood the potential of internet other than social networking, chatting and wasting their time. This is a tragedy that even our Teachers who are so called builders of the nation are involved in unproductive discussions on Facebook and other sites. The discussions that have no outcome no results and no benefit of anybody. Previously they used to sit at Nukkad and now they are sitting at Facebook and wasting their time. Coming back to my main discussion which is potential of Internet today, I would like to say that this medium has got so many potential, you only need to explore it correctly.

Being an internet Entrepreneur and running a successful online business, I would suggest my brothers from Malegaon who are getting into Internet Bandwagon, trying to build a business on internet, please make sure you have an idea that creates some values. An idea that gives benefit to others. Make sure you are working on something that will bring a positive change in our city or if that can change the mindset or at least can help people get business online then only continue with the idea. And the most important thing, if you have started something then stick to it. You may not make any profits in the beginning but if your idea has some potential you may ultimately win the battle.

What I have observed is the people who know what a website is and those who are running some web development business have created a hype about it: website development is a very tough task. Not at all. It is indeed a simple task. If you have sufficient computer knowledge and access of internet even you can develop at your own with the use of free softwares. But my friends are giving a lot of money to these developers and getting a shitty website created which has no value. My dear friends a website itself is a business only if you have a business plan for it. So don't just rush into creating another website unless you get some good idea. If you will see there are so many Malegaon directories are coming in picture. 

My questions for people who have created Malegaon Directory websites.

1) How many visitors you have on your website?
2) How many are them from outside of the city? (if you are telling people that you are promoting online so there should be people coming even from outside of the city)
3) Why would I not post my ad on quikr, olx, sulekha and many more such directories where thousands of people are visiting every day?
4) Why don't you all sit together and create a common platform instead of competing with each other? (If it is required)
5) How will you promote your website outside Malegaon?

We need to explore education, business and other opportunities outside of Malegaon. Why are we not thinking of that. If you really want to do something big on internet then create something bigger which is not just for Malegaon. A website to be visited by whole world. I have one fine example of a Malegaon guy Mujtaba Ahmed who is an engineering student at KK Wagh college Nasik. He has created a blog called dynamicguru.com/ where he talks about PHP, Wordpress and some other tech stuff. He may become a renowned blogger if he continues to do so. We need people like him. People who want to explore the world. And what others are doing? creating another Malegaon directory??? mh41.com??? allmalegaon.com??? malegaonbazaar.com??? Whats the point? Is it worth anything????



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